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Surprise your dear mum on 12 May and show her how much she means to you with one of our loving gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Send lovingly bound bouquets, plants or arrangements for Mother’s Day! Our online flower delivery service offers a wide range of beautiful floral arrangements, created with attention to detail by our experienced team of florists.

We guarantee the highest quality and freshness in each of our products. Whether as a gift or as a decoration for your home – our flowers will enchant your mum.

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Reviews from customers on sending flowers as the perfect gift for Mother's Day

Jürgen D. sends flowers to Frankfurt am Main

I was delighted with the speedy delivery and the beautiful flowers. I can definitely recommend this flower delivery service to others

Send flowers from Selma to Oberursel (Taunus)

As a new customer to this flower delivery service, I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt delivery and the excellent quality of the flowers. They corresponded exactly to the pictures on the website. I am really thrilled with the first-class service!

Ophelia Adesanya sent flowers to Berlin

I am absolutely satisfied with the excellent quality of the flowers and the smooth delivery. Thank you very much!


  • What is the reason for celebrating Mother's Day?

    The reason for celebrating Mother's Day, as mentioned earlier, is to appreciate the work of mothers and to show gratitude for the love they show their children. Mother's Day is an opportunity to thank mothers for their tireless work and love and to show how much they are appreciated.

  • When exactly is Mother's Day this year?

    This year (2025), Mother's Day falls on 12 May.

  • What is the background to the celebration of Mother's Day and why do we say "Thank you Mum"?

    The background for the celebration of Mother's Day is the appreciation and recognition of the work and love that mothers show to their children. Mother's Day is an occasion to thank mothers for their tireless work and love. "Thank you mum" is meant to express this. It is a sign of the appreciation and gratitude we show to our mothers.

  • Why does Mother's Day fall on May?

    Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May, as the origin of Mother's Day in the USA falls on this day. Anna Jarvis chose this day to commemorate her mother, who was born in May, and to recognise the importance of mothers in society.

  • Where does the custom of celebrating Mother's Day come from?

    The custom of celebrating Mother's Day has spread from the USA and is now celebrated worldwide. The origin of Mother's Day goes back to the 19th century activist Anna Jarvis, who wanted to thank mothers for their work and love. Mother's Day has a long history since then and has become an important holiday to recognise the importance of mothers in society.

  • What is the story behind Mother's Day and how did it come about?

    The idea of Mother's Day goes back to the USA in the 19th century. The activist Anna Jarvis wanted to honour and thank the work of mothers. After her mother's death in 1905, she began a campaign to establish Mother's Day as a bank holiday. In 1914, then US President Woodrow Wilson officially declared the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.

    Subsequently, the custom of celebrating Mother's Day spread to other countries. In Germany, Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1922. Even today, Mother's Day is an important holiday and an opportunity to thank mothers for their love and work.

  • Is there a recommendation for the number of flowers to give on Mother's Day?

    There is no fixed recommendation for the number of flowers to give on Mother's Day. It depends on your budget and your mother's preference. However, it is not about the quantity, but about the gesture. It is important that the flowers are chosen with love and appreciation and that they come from the heart.

  • How can I best match the shape and colour of the Mother's Day flowers to my mother?

    To match the shape and colour of the Mother's Day flowers to your mother, you can consider her favourite colours or flowers, for example. If you are unsure, you can also seek the advice of a florist. Another option is to consider your mother's personality and tastes. For example, if your mother is a lively and cheerful person, bright and colourful flowers such as gerberas or sunflowers might be appropriate. However, if she has an elegant and sophisticated personality, flowers such as orchids or lilies might be more suitable.

  • Which flowers are particularly appropriate to express appreciation on Mother's Day?

    Traditionally, red and pink roses as well as lilies and tulips are popular flowers to express appreciation on Mother's Day. But other flowers such as gerberas, chrysanthemums or lilies of the valley can also serve as suitable gift ideas. The choice of flowers often depends on the mother's personality and taste. It is advisable to find out about the meaning and symbolism of the individual flowers and then select them accordingly.

  • Does Agnes Blumenlädchen have a special delivery on Mother's Day?

    Yes, Agnes Blumenlädchen offers a special delivery and collection on Mother's Day. In addition to the special opening hours on 11.05.2023 from 09:00 to 18:00 and on Mother's Day, 12.05.2023, from 09:00 to 14:00, you can place your order directly online and have your Mother's Day flowers delivered directly or collect them from the shop.

Send flowers for Mother's Day

You know that your mum is always there for you. She listens to you, helps you with problems and is your friend. You can count on them in every situation. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and gratitude to your mother and flowers from Agnes Blumenlädchen can be an ideal messenger for your heartfelt greetings.

Your mother does a lot for you. She listens to you, motivates you and stands by you through all your goals and challenges. It is important that you celebrate and appreciate her not only on Mother’s Day, but every day.

Agnes Blumenlädchen offers a wide range of flower arrangements and gift ideas perfect for Mother’s Day. Whether you want to surprise your mother with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or consider a gift set to show her how much she means to you, you are sure to find the perfect gift.

It is also important to emphasise that the size of the bouquet is not important for Mother’s Day. It’s about showing your mother how much she means to you. A small bouquet from Agnes Blumenlädchen with a heartfelt message can mean just as much as a large bouquet.

Use Mother’s Day to show your love and gratitude to your mother. Whether it’s with a bouquet of flowers from Agnes Flower Shop or another gesture, let’s celebrate and appreciate our mothers on this special day.

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